avtec interior

What we offer

AvTec Interiors offers a variety of services, ranging from reveneering or refinishing the
cabinetry, cabin interior reconfiguration, refinishing all plating, upgrading the CMS & IFE,
and more.

We pride our workmanship and ensure top quality in everything we do. Our master
cabinet artisan has over 25 years experience in custom cabinetry, while our head
upholstery specialist has over 15 years of experience. All our artisans are highly qualified in
their fields in which their finished products are the very finest custom aircraft interiors.

We offer the following aircraft services and ensure quality and precision in each.
We look forward to serving you.

Interior Refurbishment

Renovate the entire cabin including flooring, seating, seatbelts, counter tops, walls, & entry doorsteps.


Design meets functionality. We can Re-Veneer or refinish all cabinetry with your desired finish. We can also reconfigure your existing cabinetry upon request.

cabin interior reconfiguration

We can redesign the layout of the cabin and customize to your needs & wants.

cabin interior
removal & reinstallation

Removal of specific or all interior pieces and reinstall.

entertainment upgrades & connectivity
cabin lighting

Enhance the cabin design through lighting by upgrading and/or adding LED lighting for functionality and ambiance.


Re-plate all existing metal pieces in the cabin with our vast selection of finishes.

cabin management systems (cms & ife)

While the interior and cabinetry are removed, it is highly recommended accomplishing CMS upgrades and the connectivity such as a new satcom system, new audio and video with fully dedicated integrated controllers for both CMS & IFE systems which include IOS & android based smart devices, as well as at seat touch-screen controllers.